Weddings & FAQ
What are your standard performance times? 
9pm till 11pm, with a break about halfway through. If you require an early start or a late finish, this can be arranged. If you wish us to play longer than the standard two hours, we can do this for an additional fee, charged in multiples of half an hour. Please see "Additional Charges" below for our current rates. 


When will you arrive and how long does it take you to set up? 

We will arrive generally about 90 - 120 minutes before our contracted start time so that we can set up as soon as the venue is ready for us. It takes about 90 minutes to set up in most venues, dependent on ease of access. In some cases, events can run late, and although we will try to make up time if this happens, we cannot be held responsible if we are unable to start at our contracted time as a result of this delay. Please see "Additional Charges" for early set-up. 

Where are you based, and will you travel for our wedding? 
We are all based in and around Cork City and  cover the Munster area of Ireland. However, if your wedding is more than 30 miles from our base in Cork, we would reserve the right to charge additionally to cover our travel costs. You will be quoted for this at the time of your enquiry. You can see details of our current charges in the "Additional Charges" below, but please bear in mind that this mileage rate includes our 4 vehicles, and is not "per vehicle". 

How will we pay you? 
When you make your initial booking of Franklin, all we require is a deposit cheque/bank transfer 20% of fee to secure your date. The balance of the agreed contract price is payable in cash at the start of the evening reception. We regret that we are not able to accept payment by credit/debit card. Also, please note that we are unable to accept payment by cheque on the night. 

What kind of music do you play? 
 We play a eclectic mix of old school and contemporary hits, covering the great soul, pop and R'n'B classics from the 60's up to the most recent chart toppers. We play great  songs in our own style, regardless of era... from Santana to Marvin Gaye, Goldfrapp to Aretha! Check out our set list

Will you learn a specific song for our first dance? 
Without a doubt. If it is at all possible for us to cover your chosen special song, we will undertake to learn that for you. All we would ask is that you give us 8 weeks notice of this song so that we can practise and learn it for you to our high standards. Please see "Additional Charges" if you would wish us to learn more than 1 song for you. 

Can we choose your playlist? 
Click here to view our commonly played song list, and you can let us know if there are any songs you definitely DO NOT want us to play. However, we are very experienced at choosing the right song for the right time to keep the party going, so we would prefer to be left to do our job as well as we can by having the freedom to choose our set as we go. 

My friend/family member is a singer. Can he/she join you for a song? 
Yes, but ONLY with prior agreement. If we are approached on the night, we are under no obligation to agree. It will depend on whether we think it is appropriate to do so, and also whether the person asking is confident enough to sing with a live band and potentially without lyrics. 

Are there long gaps between songs when you play live? 
No. As we play, we assess the mood of your guests and tailor our song choices accordingly. These are communicated through the band so that we can commence the following song seamlessly. 

My venue has a sound limiter. Have you played / can you play with one of these present? 
Yes, we have played in venues where there have been sound limiters, some of them set at quite a low level. If you know your venue has one of these, you should let us know in advance. If the limiter is set to below 93db then unfortunately, this would be too low for a 5-piece band and we would be unable to accept. This could cause frequent cut-outs disrupting your evening, and potentially damaging expensive equipment. 

Do you have your own lights? 
We have lights for the stage performance.

What will you wear? 
Our dress code is Sharp & Glamorous.

Can I keep in touch with you in the lead up to my wedding? 
Of course! However, due to the large amount of clients we are in contact with, if you have any questions, we would greatly appreciate if you could check for the answer in the Terms and Conditions or here on the FAQs page before making contact. If you would still like to get in touch, then please do. Email contact is preferred. 

Additional Charges 
a) Travel charges, where distance is in excess of 30 miles from Cork City. Our mileage rate is currently 80c per km but 
 please remember this covers 4 vehicles carrying personnel and equipment. We reserve the right to amend this for changes in petrol prices. 

b) If you wish us to play longer than our standard performance times, this is charged at €150 per half hour. The band may not agree to additional time if our travelling distance is extensive. Please ask at the time of your enquiry. 
c) Setting up early. We can arrange to arrive at your venue early for set-up prior to the start of your reception, but we would charge a fee for the additional time involved in doing so. Please ask for a quotation. 
d) Additional songs beyond the 1 song we offer to learn. If you wish us to learn more than 1 new song for you, we will do so at an additional cost of €50 per song. 





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